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Calligrams for sale

See how curvaceous body text is used for these calligrams featured on the tags of the 2010 Summer collection at la Rinascente in Milan, Italy!

Maybe it's becuase they follow very curvaceous feminine bodies? Maybe it's becuase they follow the 60s' fashion trend for the 2010 Summer?

No matter, the result is very appealing and catchy.
It's always very inspiring to see how the visual communication technique of calligrams is used more frequently for business and marketing.

"sconto" in Italian means "discount"
and "saldi" means "sale"

Time to go... eco!

Carpisa Summer 2010 collection chose to put a calligram in the shape of a tree on its new line Recycled.

In the calligram you can read words like love, nature, recycling, bottle, planet, ecology, bag etc. Carpisa took these words seriously and decided to defend the environment choosing tyvek as a material for its line Recycled.

Tyvek is in fact a fiber obtained by recycled bottles made of PET. It's a breathable membrane without toxic substances and completely recyclable as well.

Have a wonderful trip with your Carpisa Recycled suitcase and... show off your calligram recycled bag!

Interactive calligram

by Rick Ligas
I must confess that I would not ordinarily think of a calligram in terms of search engine results. Laura Ruggeri however would. In fact figuring out how a calligram could effect search engine results was part of Laura's thinking when she set about designing a calligram to celebrate her (first) 25 years as a graphic designer and I am happy that she involved me.Laura had the idea to create a "25th anniversary" calligram and post it as the home page of her website. At first it sounded straightforward: a block of text describing her projects would spell out the numbers "25" in color, but Laura wanted it to be more than that. In addition to the "25" calligram she also wanted the individual words to be links that showed corresponding examples from her portfolio - and the words would be something that she hoped the search engines would take note of, after all, she intends to be an active graphic designer for another 25 years.
So, with this speci…

Six-legged dog calligram

Eni transformed its famous and historic six-legged dog logo into a calligram advertising its "Master in Energy, Environmental Management and Economics" program at Eni Corporate University.
The audience for this calligram is young, intelligent, creative, sensitive... students from universities called to be trained in strategic planning, business analysis, relationships with regulatory authorities, etc. in the specific context of energy and environment.
The calligram is formed by hand-written words recalling the sixties.
The six legs say (from left to right): internazionalità (internationality) ricerca (research) cultura (culture) rispetto (respect) formazione (education) sviluppo (development)
The main part of the body of the dog is taken by the name of the company's educational facility "ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY" (notice the capitalization). The head is the company's name, "eni" while "energia" (energy) is reserved for the red spit flame.
I was ab…

Calligrams for a calm like nothing else

by Joni James

I started my journey in calligraphy when I was in my early 20's and living in Alaska. Often asked to make name place cards or inspirational quotes for people, I began taking classes when I returned to the Seattle area in 1984. I was always fascinated with calligrams but never really made any until this year. One of my favorite artists is Picasso, so I was thrilled when I did some searching for calligram information and discovered that Guillaume Apollinaire was a friend of his!
For me, more then any other art form, making these calligrams gives me a calm likenothing else. I can feel the rhythm of the words as I create and the white space tells me what to do next. I'm so thankful to find other calligram artists! It's a beautifully unique form of art and can be used in so many ways!
1932 Ford Coupe Calligram This was made especially for my uncle and I sent it to him as a surprise recently. He was thrilled!
Motherhood and Pregnancy Calligram This was a custom order…

A 100% degradable calligram

This is a very beautiful calligram that visually carries the meaning of a degradable bag.

One of the seven phrases reads: - Si degrada rapidamente con il calore (It degrades rapidly with heat), and another: - Senza rilasciare sostanze dannose per l'ambiente (Without releasing dangerous material in the environment).

The visual analogy implies that the bag is degradable with a light breath of air.
Thanks to Pharma Bag for its sensitivity to the environment and its choice of a calligram design to enhance their eco-friendly products.

2010 calligram greeting

Here is a 2010 calligram greeting created with TypeDrawing (iPod Touch) by Laura Ruggeri for the design firm LR Communication Design's corporate greeting.
Laura saw two smiley eyes and one nose in 2010 and she added a happy smile with the message "let's keep smiling" for the new year.

2010 calligram made with kids and hope

"May the new year bring us more love, togetherness and a nourishing light in our hearts" is the message I "heard" in my heart looking at this picture.
A group of children, ice skaters, arrange themselves to form the number 2010 to welcome the new year at the Ice Skating Carnival in Shimla, India. (AP/Press Association Images)