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An interview with Ben Duarri-Screen Prince

 Donna Summer Ben Duarri-Screen Prince, 2013

Ben, can you tell us about your "Donna Summer" calligram work?
The project was sponsored by someone working for Southern Fried Records, Fatboy Slim's label.
The song was a personal favorite and I had a very deep connection with this song when I was little.
I knew I had to get Donna's elegance in there and as I had only been using the copperplate dip pen nibs for a year or so and the Pentel brush pen for a few months the pressure was quite enormous but that got me to a state of doing things with a lose immediacy that comes with calligraphy.

The image I drew in pencil as my template was a mash-up of lots of images of Donna's record cover shots and also heavily inspired by her psychedelic video where she does that wave dance move with her arms.This drawing contains the arms and hands more of her waist and is pretty big. 
Printing the background layer in a blend of colors  was a …

A calligraphic calligram

March 6 is the European Day of the Righteous to commemorate those who have stood up against crimes, humanity and totalitarism with their own moral responsibility.

Righteous, Hope, Solidarity, Freedom, Gratitude, Forgiveness are just a few of the meaningful words that form this "tree of life" calligram.