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Calligrams for sale

See how curvaceous body text is used for these calligrams featured on the tags of the 2010 Summer collection at la Rinascente in Milan, Italy!

Maybe it's becuase they follow very curvaceous feminine bodies? Maybe it's becuase they follow the 60s' fashion trend for the 2010 Summer?

No matter, the result is very appealing and catchy.
It's always very inspiring to see how the visual communication technique of calligrams is used more frequently for business and marketing.

"sconto" in Italian means "discount"
and "saldi" means "sale"

Time to go... eco!

Carpisa Summer 2010 collection chose to put a calligram in the shape of a tree on its new line Recycled.

In the calligram you can read words like love, nature, recycling, bottle, planet, ecology, bag etc. Carpisa took these words seriously and decided to defend the environment choosing tyvek as a material for its line Recycled.

Tyvek is in fact a fiber obtained by recycled bottles made of PET. It's a breathable membrane without toxic substances and completely recyclable as well.

Have a wonderful trip with your Carpisa Recycled suitcase and... show off your calligram recycled bag!