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Calligrams for a calm like nothing else

by Joni James

I started my journey in calligraphy when I was in my early 20's and living in Alaska. Often asked to make name place cards or inspirational quotes for people, I began taking classes when I returned to the Seattle area in 1984. I was always fascinated with calligrams but never really made any until this year. One of my favorite artists is Picasso, so I was thrilled when I did some searching for calligram information and discovered that Guillaume Apollinaire was a friend of his!
For me, more then any other art form, making these calligrams gives me a calm likenothing else. I can feel the rhythm of the words as I create and the white space tells me what to do next. I'm so thankful to find other calligram artists! It's a beautifully unique form of art and can be used in so many ways!
1932 Ford Coupe Calligram This was made especially for my uncle and I sent it to him as a surprise recently. He was thrilled!
Motherhood and Pregnancy Calligram This was a custom order…