A 100% degradable calligram

This is a very beautiful calligram that visually carries the meaning of a degradable bag.

One of the seven phrases reads:
- Si degrada rapidamente con il calore (It degrades rapidly with heat),
and another:
- Senza rilasciare sostanze dannose per l'ambiente (Without releasing dangerous material in the environment).

The visual analogy implies that the bag is degradable with a light breath of air.

Thanks to Pharma Bag for its sensitivity to the environment and its choice of a calligram design to enhance their eco-friendly products.


  1. Hello! I'm a calligram artist too and loved finding this blog! They are all great. Here's a link to mine so you can see some of my work.

    Just wanted to share!

  2. Thank you Joni, your work is wonderful and it will be featured on Calligram Designers very soon. Thank you for sharing!


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