Six-legged dog calligram

Eni transformed its famous and historic six-legged dog logo into a calligram advertising its "Master in Energy, Environmental Management and Economics" program at Eni Corporate University.

The audience for this calligram is young, intelligent, creative, sensitive... students from universities called to be trained in strategic planning, business analysis, relationships with regulatory authorities, etc. in the specific context of energy and environment.

The calligram is formed by hand-written words recalling the sixties.

The six legs say (from left to right):
internazionalità (internationality)
ricerca (research)
cultura (culture)
rispetto (respect)
formazione (education)
sviluppo (development)

The main part of the body of the dog is taken by the name of the company's educational facility "ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY" (notice the capitalization). The head is the company's name, "eni" while "energia" (energy) is reserved for the red spit flame.

I was able to take a quick screen shot of the animated Eni online campaign featured on a side bar of a national newspaper so I don't know who created the calligram.
Below the six-legged dog there is like the artist's signature, but because of the low quality web resolution the name it's not legible.
If you have more information, please, make a comment to this post, it will be very much appreciated.

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  1. brilliant work! I love the choices of color too!

  2. I agree, Joni, it's a brilliant work with a smart choice of colors which come from Eni's logo: black (dog), red (flame) and yellow.
    Also, it's very inspiring to see a large corporation like Eni choosing the technique of calligram for its marketing communication! Inspiring for both us designers/artists and the business companies.


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