The Thinker/Ecclesiasta

by Laura Ruggeri

I designed this calligram in 1996 for the theatrical season Poeti Filosofi e Giullari.
Antonio Molinari (Associazione Progetti Culturali), the actual client, came to my studio and asked: "Laura I need an unique image for the next season. You have a blank slate. Surprise me."
I asked Antonio what was the main show of the season: "The Qohèlet - The Book of Ecclesiastes", he answered.

I designed and patiently typeset by hand this calligram using all of the text of the book visualizing The Thinker of Rodin in type as a symbol of the human being who thinks "Completely meaningless, completely meaningless! Everything is meaningless" as Qohèlet said.
It took 21 days to produce this calligram.

The font used for the calligram is Helvetica Neue - from UltraLight to Black + ExtraBlack crafted just for this project.
7 weights in total.

poster, libretto cover, flyer, invitation card


  1. Laura, would you post some of the animations you did for us at The logo you did for us is a calligram too. I think it would be nice to see that here too.

  2. Thank you Rick/,
    I will do it as soon as I can.


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