Images of YOU

Here is another example of images as letterforms.
The letters Y, O, and U, are formed by images of YOU.

This is a screen shot I took from an online ad. It was late in the night and I did not notice from and by whom it was created. Maybe Facebook? Vodafone? Please, if you know more details, write a comment below, I will appreciate it.
I can recall that you could roll over on the single image and a little pop-up opened to show the name and more details of the person.

In this blog you can find other examples of images as letterforms.

Let's notice what they have in common:
- the letterforms are formed by the object or meaning of the word itself.
In this case the word YOU is formed by individual "you-s".


  1. That was an online ad by Vodafone featuring their new service "Vodafone 360" -


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