A tribute to women

Today, March 8th 2011, is the centenary celebration of the International Women's Day (1911-2011).
We honor this special day with a gallery of calligrams where the woman, her beauty, strength, passion and force of nature are the main subjects.
Motherhood and pregnancy
Joni James

Donna Summer
Ben Duarri Screen Prince

Oh, Julie
(detail of the poster for the theatrical show "Il Blues di Malaussene")
Laura Ruggeri

2010 Summer sale season campaign
La Rinascente

Calligram portrait
Leslie Nichols

"Go out"Advertisement for Woman's Day Magazine, 1953. All rights reserved.
Federico Gene

Advertising poster (70s)
Vichy Water

Advertising poster (60s)

Funny Girl - movie poster (60s)


  1. Lovely! And thank you for including mine! That Funny Girl poster has always been one of my favorite graphic designs since I saw it for the very first time as a kid.
    Thanks for posting! I'll share this on my facebook page.


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