Visual words for interiors

"ModernMantra is a series of 18 "text drawings" made in Indian ink on white paper. In a somewhat schematic fashion they portray sterile and depopulated interiors, often simply but properly furnished. One does not have to get very close to them to see that the drawings are really calligrammes, that the interiors are drawn with words that simultaneously describe what they depict."
says Kim West in his text "The Mutant Nerd" in the catalog ModernMantra produced for the exhibition at Borås Konstmuseum (Sweden) in 2006.

Thomas Broomé is the artist of these calligram interiors ModernMantra.
He is a contemporary artist born in Malmö (Sweden) in 1971.

View the calligrams of ModernMantra and seven new addition just presented in an exhibition at the Galeri Magnus Karlsson in Stockholm.


  1. Beautiful work.
    Look at this calligram here:

  2. Thank you!
    Is that calligram one of your work?
    Do you want to publish it on Calligram Designers?
    Let me know...


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