A calligram with... touch!

Type your word, draw your picture and get a calligram in few seconds with TypeDrawing with just a touch. It is so easy and fun!

TypeDrawing is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Like calligrams, drawing with letters is what the application is all about.

I was amazed the first time I tried it on my husband's iPod Touch!
- I typed the sentence, Everything is all right, right now.
- I chose a white background paper
- I selected the font style, its size, color and opacity
- and then just let the intuition flow and drew a vase of flowers, just with my index finger!
- I saved it in an iPhoto Album
- went into iPhoto and sent it directly to my husband as a sign of gratitude for introducing to me such an interesting and fun application.

And all within few minutes.

On Flickr there is a TypeDrawing Group Pool and it's clear how many people are enjoying and using their creativity with this tool.

I am exploring it daily and I am finding it truly amazing. It allows an entirely new way to draw, doodle and create calligrams. Choosing different opacities you can draw chiaroscuro and being careful with the speed of your finger you can even draw 3D effects.

You can easily and quickly create images, frames, letterforms for invitation cards, postcards, posters, etc. or just simply use it as a tool for relaxation allowing your finger to draw and flow along with your intuition.

Oh, and you can even draw on a background picture!

A few samples from my husband's exploration:

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Released July 2009
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