Free your mind

by Rick Ligas

Some of us believe that the only real revolution is the personal revolution and that the only peace that exists in the world is our own internal peace of mind and heart. This calligram, titled Free your mind, by Laura Ruggeri, shows that belief in a clear and subtly powerful way.

Looking at a world that seems so unpeaceful (even if, on any given day, there are billions more peaceful people than non peaceful people) we are reminded that peace starts within each of us and flows out to our family, friends and beyond. It doesn't exist anywhere else.

This lovely calligram quietly reminds us that there is nothing mysterious or difficult to understand about world peace. It reminds us that world peace is simply our individual peace of mind and heart naturally projected into the world from our daily actions. If we want a peaceful world we have the responsibility to become and remain peaceful individuals.

"Free your mind instead" comes from the lyrics of Revolution written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1968.

Free your mind instead is one of the most popular calligrams in the world. Just try to search for "calligrams" in Google and you will see.

Rick Ligas


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