The Cult of the Calligram

With this post we'll start showing the calligram art work
by Ben Duarri-Screen Prince.

by Ben Duarri
All my work is hand drawn, mostly using dip pens, written in ink and screenprinted as a 2 colour screenprint in gold and blue or purple and maybe more colours. Calligrams stimulate both sides of the brain simultaniously creating balance and the opening of the 3rd eye.
I am starting The Cult of the Calligram and I want to bring calligrams and the making of them to a new generation reared on mind supresants and imagination killers.
I want to find ancient middle eastern calligrams and 20th century european calligrams and contemporary calligrams and calligrams from all time and space that ever were are and will be and gather them together and give a whole generation the tools to communicate with joy and passionate poetry that can only be achieved by creating calligrams.

I have spent the last four years making and printing, making and printing and now my first series of calligrams: The Royalty Series.
I have learned so much doing them and I have fallen in love with their gentle beauty.

* Screen Prince calligram art prints and posters
are available now at or contact the artist directly at thescreenprince(at)hotmail(dot)com


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